Yoga, Surf, Friends, Solitude and A Healthy Active Lifestyle

June 9, 2013 |
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Hawaiian Legend Sunny Garcia pays a visit to Cambutal.
photo: Mike Phillips

These are guarantees we can make.  If you’ve considered living in or owning a home in the tropics, how about choosing the lifestyle design that you’ve only imagined?  As our ocean community builds, our Guidelines will ensure that more people with a world view similar to yours, and embracing these focusses, land here as your neighbors. Additionally, the greater Cambutal Beaches areas are already attracting adventurous and conscious types who are also engaged in the betterment of the six miles of accessible coastline from Oceano (Pedregal) to Cambutal Beach.

Become a member of a blossoming area now, while it is affordable and pristine and while you will enjoy a substantial impact on it’s early development.