Board of Directors

Kent Kreitler

fbpic“In 2004 I visited Cambutal for the first time on the advice of a friend who had already owned land here for several years.  I always had a dream of actually owning a center where Teachers organizing forums including yoga, shamanism, and other personal growth and expansion techniques could hold retreats.   Included in that was a vision of a permanent center for cleansing and healing through diet and fasting programs.

By this time i was 34 years old and had been traveling the world as a professional skier for over ten years as well as traveling as much as I could on my own.  I had visited Costa Rica since 1989 and had watched it boom over 15 years going through significant growth and changes.  When I visited the Cambutal area, not only did I realize that it was as or more beautiful and sacred than other tropical places I had visited, I realized that I better jump on an opportunity if I was ever going to be able to make this dream a reality.

At the time, the only thing available to buy were entire ranches, which was way more than I was looking for.  What was available was very limited and what ended up being offered to me was what is this 140 or so, acre property which is being divided up into Oceano Community development and related areas.  It was a big leap of faith and there have been incredible hoops to jump through and with the help of the people who are my current partners and others, I’ve been able to create what is being offered here now as the Oceano Community.  It ends up that it is really one of the most intensely beautiful properties in the area and that I have ever seen anywhere.

So while I am mostly passing on, on my original idea, we do have an excellent, about 10 acre parcel which at this time is set aside for a retreat center, and I am delegating my available time to the management team for the property as a whole.

We’re expecting to grow into a safe, comfortable, ecologically responsible and progressive community.  We have almost everything we need on or near the site for our sustainability and thriving lifestyles.  I’m happy to be welcoming new people to Oceano and really to the entire surrounding community.  I personally keep a long term outlook.  We will grow organically and over time.  This is going to become a better and better place for all of us to live and thrive full or part time as more of us get involved in creating and managing our projects going forward within the Oceano boundaries.

I am happy to help you in any way I can so please feel free to contact me directly. ”

Kent Kreitler was a Pioneering Skier and is a Professional Ski Guide, is a Coaches Training Institute trained Life Coach and has completed CTI’s, Leadership Program, is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor, a Wilderness First Responder, has extensive training in Mahayana Buddhism, and has held a United States based Real Estate License and has various experience in Real Estate and Development.

Daniel Claussen


I am a passionate entrepreneur, consultant and friend-dubbed “endurance mule” currently working at the intersection of sustainability, finance and philanthropy to help create greater capital flows to entrepreneurial endeavors aimed at building a vibrant, diverse and abundant world. I’m making this happen as the co-founder of the Impact Finance Collaborative with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors – Sustainable Endowments Institute and the University of Denver. Previously I worked with the venture philanthropy group, Prize Capital, in partnership with Stanford University, Woods Institute, Osa and Golfito Initiative, to direct impact investing capital towards sustainable development projects in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. I also spent a number of years serving on behalf of conservation NPOs helping to close land conservation transactions across the American west.

After seeing and working to protect many of the “last best” places, I feel truly blessed to have found Cambutal. I like to call it the “Big Sur” of central America: where the mountains meet the ocean. Exquisite natural beauty like this is truly rare, especially in considering that we have the even more rare opportunity to set the tone for an exemplary type of development that is in harmony with the wildness and vitality of the largely undeveloped Azuero Peninsula.

Along-side my professional service, I’m practitioner of non-dual classic Shaivite Tantra and a student of contemporary depth and positive psychological literature. Two great reads I recommend are “Tantra Illuminated” by Christopher Wallis and “Flourish” by Martin Seligman. I deeply appreciate kindness, great wood working, organic architecture, locally sourced feasts, deep dances, great surf, and friends who show up through thick and thin. I’m deeply in gratitude to serve on this project to build an amazing future together here in Cambutal!