New Intl. Airport Closer to Oceano – Scarlet Martinez International Airport to Open in Panama in 2014

July 20, 2013 |
Published February 22, 2013 | By PanamaSimple

For many years you have had three main options if you want to visit Panama. You could fly into Tocumen International Airport, you could cross the border via Costa Rica or you could visit by sea.

The day is almost here when you will be able to fly to Panama’s Pacific coast beach area directly. The Scarlet Martinez International Airport will be opening this year.

This is great news for visitors and people who have chosen to make Panama their home.

The new Scarlet Martinez International Airport will be located in the beach town of Rio Hato. Rio Hato is located just off the Pan-American Highway. The airport is in close proximity to El Valle, Punta Chame, Coronado, Playa Serena, Decameron Resort, Playa Blanca Resort, Sheraton Bijao, Buenaventura and the Royalton.

New Panama Airport International

Rio Hato – 2 hours closer to Oceano from Panama City.

The planned flights coming in and out of the airport include flights from New York, Toronto, Miami, Philadelphia and many South American flights. The savings in time means that travelers will be able to arrive at their destinations much quicker without the hassle of staying overnight in Panama City. Driving to many of these destinations takes up to two hours from Panama City. The time savings is substantial. Lowering the stress levels will also be a huge factor.

Imagine waking up in Miami on Friday morning, heading to the airport and flying to Panama for a weekend stay. Now you fly into Tocumen, rent a car or catch a shuttle in order to make the two hour trip. Next year you will be able to fly into Rio Hato and make the trip in twenty minutes for most of the destinations. The total trip from your home in Miami to Coronado would take you less than hours. This is a huge increase in quality of stay.

What impact will this have on the Pacific coast of Panama? Having easier access to the beaches of Panama will mean that the properties on the Pacific coast will become more attractive. The weekend travelers will have now have two destination options for Panama. The hotels and resorts on the Pacific coast should see a substantial increase in visitors. Small business in the region should see an increase in revenue due to the influx of visitors.

The Rio Hato airport was originally built by the US military in 1942. The airport’s original function was to protect the Panama Canal during World War 2. The US gave the land back to Panama in 1970 and used the airport as a training facility until 1989 when the US destroyed the facilities during the invasion. The airport fell into disrepair until the government of Panama decided to invest money into turning the military airport into an International airport.

Whether you are planning to go sky diving at Punta Chame or spend the weekend lounging by the pool at Buenaventura the new Scarlet Martinez International Airport is sure to make life easier for all travelers who want to visit the Pacific coast of Panama.