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Bordered by the Pacific Ocean The Azuero Peninsula of Panama, known as “The Heart of Panama”, is home to a staggering number of wildlife species, a strong economy, various beach villages and small developments. The rich fauna and natural resources of this area have combined historically to create a unique environment, sprinkled with remnants of Panama’s colonial past amidst an untamed backdrop.

The Azuero Peninsula of Panama.  Click to Enlarge.

The Azuero Peninsula

The Azuero Peninsula

Exuberant wildlife is only one facet of this area, the Cambutal region of Tonosi, home of Oceano Community, possesses some of the best surf breaks in the entire country.  Nearby Venao beach, a well-known surfing hotspot, hosts frequent competitions attracting visitors from all over the world, and with the notable popularity of Venao, we are witnessing Cambutal, with its better breaks as the up-and-coming star of the Panama surfing community.

Between Cambutal and the nearest major city, Chitre, lies the town of Tonosi, 20 minutes away and easily accessible with grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, banks and a hospital.  High quality healthcare ranks among one of the Azuero Peninsula’s greatest assets, with affordable private healthcare available to anyone.  We are less than 2 hours from the enormous brand new state of the art Anita Moreno IBT Group general hospital in the town of Los Santos.

The Azuero area is also famous for the warmth of its people, and its prized laid-back lifestyle. Well-known for year-round festivities, each town hosts national holiday parades, ablaze with bright colors and music, though none compare to the exuberance of the Panamanian Carnavales, a january extravaganza famous for richly-clad queens, floats and water festivities.  Also praised for their hospitality, Panamanians posses an unusually tolerant attitude of and conformity with foreign nationalities – one of the reasons why this country is attracting so much attention abroad – due mostly to the rich mix of ethnic backgrounds from the days even before the construction of the Panama Canal and henceforth.

Not only has the area attracted a healthy number of eco-tourists, but also environmental programs such as the Azuero Earth Project. This organization is based solely in the Peninsula, and hosts students and scientists to participate in research and social outreach programs or engage in their own area-specific projects. The organization strives to educate the Panamanian local community in sustainable eco-tourism, wildlife preservation and education, and regularly hold friendly get-together where locals, foreigners and yummy treats meet over environmental discussions!

The Azuero is also home of Cerro Hoya National Park and Oceano Community is at the gateway to this outback.  Parque Nacional Cerro Hoya is full of jungle, teak farms, dramatic mountains falling into the ‘Tuna Coast’ of the Pacific Ocean. Jaguars, the endangered Green Macaw, different varieties of birds, monkeys, turtles, marsupials, reptiles, amphibians, wild cats, small white-tailed deer, and many other mammals and of course seasonal whale pods that would please mammal lovers and ornithologists alike are indigenous to this area.  Cerro Hoya mountain peak itself over 5000 feet high.

The Azuero Peninsula is rich territory which is becoming more and more popular with nationals and foreigners alike.

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