Local Organic Foods Appearing!

November 25, 2013 |

Although the Oceano coastal zone is appropriate for many organic foods including, coconuts, avocados, citrus fruits, cilantro, mangos and more, it’s generally too warm for many of the leafy green salad food and herbs that many of us love.


The solution?  Hidro-Organicos from the much cooler mountain region of Boquete and Volcan.  These products are now delivered regularly to the supermarkets of nearby Chitre where a head of green leaf lettuce like the one pictured above is selling for $1.70 at the time of publication.  Hidroponicos de Boquete is the most proliferated of several impressive organic farms in the region and they’re providing a range of products including, red leaf lettuce, spinach, basil, sprouted seeds, chives and more.  The food is local and arrives to Chitre from just several hours away.

This was an exciting discovery in November of 2013 and we’re grateful to have these products showing up within reasonable range of Oceano.