Will I own title to my land?

Yes. Unlike some other countries in Latin America, both foreigners and nationals can own title to land in Panama.  We currently have title on all of our land behind the 200 meter line from the ocean.   Land within the 200 meter zone is more difficult to get title for and the offices who handle it are painfully slow.  We have what is called Right Of Possession at this time and we comfortably purchased that and have held it since 2005.  We have been working the land, hold title to all the land north of these area and these areas are basically just an imaginary line running though our property.   We have been working the land unobstructed since 2005.  We have also built access roads through this land to our titled land.  It is impossible that anyone would have a successful case for acquiring our title.  We are in a normal circumstance in the area, where many people regularly buy and sell, Right of Possession land.  At present we have 14 titled sites available and/or sold and 16 untitled sites.  Of Oceano West only 3 of the sites are untitled or have untitled portions running through them.  We are pushing the process as well as we can and hope to have title within a few years at the absolute most on the sites which are currently available without title.  We have comfortably owned the land for 8 years.  You can do the same confidently whether buying a titled or untitled site.