How do I get to the community?

Directions to our community can be found HERE.

Is the area safe?

Panama ranks amongst one of the safest countries to travel in Latin America.  Panama city is no more dangerous than your regular big american city, and for Cambutal this rate drops to almost 0.  Though the crime rate for any of the surrounding areas is not significant a good tip for travel in any rural setting in Latin America is to keep an eye on your valuables as you travel through neighboring towns or if you stop at any remote locations to do sight-seeing:  unguarded nifty bags and cell-phones are a tempting easy grab for poorer country-dwellers looking to make a buck ; )

How will I build my home?

There are various local experienced contractors in both nearby Tonosi and even in Cambutal. We also have various “Home Depot” style construction warehouse stores within two hours who will deliver to our area. Arquitects in Panama often handle everything from designing your home to site management.

How close are the surf breaks?

Locally famous Corto Circuito is directly across the street from the west leg of Oceano community, additionally directly across the street from the east leg is Angels, a beach break with several peaks, and in between those two is a wonderful children’s learning wave beach thats fun and safe.  Within three miles are surf breaks 411, Dinosaurios, Indicators and others including various peaks on the huge beach between Oceano Community and those breaks.

What are the commercial opportunities in the area?

We are in a blossoming is seeing comfortable growth and access to many outdoor adventure related endeavors. There are many tourism-based business that are thriving and will thrive here.

Where can I stay if I visit?

There are several establishments offering lodging, preferably booked in advance. Hotel Playa Cambutal, Luna Negra Cabins, Boom ShivaLos Buzos and Kambutaleko Hostel offer a range of accommodations at varying prices.

What is the best time of year to visit?

January-March is the driest time of the year and tends to be the most favored by tourists, depending on your tastes.  As expected of a tropical country Panama gets lots of rain most of the year!  This area being one of the driest, however, you can expect frequent beautifully sunny days even when the rains start in May.  Sunny days during the rainy season are some of the most beautiful, since everything is in full bloom and lush green. The foliage after January starts to get a bit brown, but the landscape also becomes peppered with gorgeous flowering trees in different hues of pink and peach that bloom only in the dry season.  The optimal travel time is therefore completely up to you.  A note, however, to those who dislike rain:  October-November tend to be the rainiest months of the whole year.

How much will it cost (approximately) to build a home?

You can comfortably plan on $50 to $100 per square foot for higher end construction.   If you are a builder with relatively minimalist plans and you are resourceful, it is possible to build for $30 per square foot.

Additionally, we have been speaking with some businesses in our region who provide partial or fully prefabricated home systems.  Please look up the Blog: How am I going to build?, which is the same as, “building”, under the tab, “community”.

Will I own title to my land?

Yes. Unlike some other countries in Latin America, both foreigners and nationals can own title to land in Panama.  We currently have title on all of our land behind the 200 meter line from the ocean.   Land within the 200 meter zone is more difficult to get title for and the offices who handle it are painfully slow.  We have what is called Right Of Possession at this time and we comfortably purchased that and have held it since 2005.  We have been working the land, hold title to all the land north of these area and these areas are basically just an imaginary line running though our property.   We have been working the land unobstructed since 2005.  We have also built access roads through this land to our titled land.  It is impossible that anyone would have a successful case for acquiring our title.  We are in a normal circumstance in the area, where many people regularly buy and sell, Right of Possession land.  At present we have 14 titled sites available and/or sold and 16 untitled sites.  Of Oceano West only 3 of the sites are untitled or have untitled portions running through them.  We are pushing the process as well as we can and hope to have title within a few years at the absolute most on the sites which are currently available without title.  We have comfortably owned the land for 8 years.  You can do the same confidently whether buying a titled or untitled site.

Will there be property management available?

Yes, the Oceano Community actually requires that you have Oceano Community Property Management, S.A. manage your property.  You can read more about that in the Guidelines.

Are supplies and groceries available nearby?

There are supplies and groceries available in the town of Tonosi, about a half hour away.  Las Tablas and Chitre, the two nearest major cities, are about 2 1/2 hours away where you can find everything you could possibly need in terms of groceries, hardware stores and electronic stores.

What are the road conditions like?

Road conditions to Cambutal are excellent.

What kind of resources are available locally for building?

Oceano has several community resources which include:

1.       Safe storage site for building materials.  We have a big leveled
site for storing your building materials while you build if you need

2.      Dirt fill – if you provide a retaining wall, we can provide fill
dirt at the cost of excavating and moving it plus a small fee which
will go to the Community Fund.

3.      Gravel or “Tosca” as it is known in this area.  We have an active
tosca pit on the extended property and can fill our own roads as well
as driveways with this material at the cost of excavating and moving
it which is about $40 per load, which provides a mud free base for
driving and parking.

4.      Fencing.  We can arrange for the fencing of your property at
current local rates of you feel that you would like to fence it off.
At this time that is around $300 which would include labor, wire and

5.      General maintenance of your land.  We can help arrange for trimming
and cutting if at any time you find that your unimproved land is
getting overgrown.

6.      Water.  We currently have 2 drilled wells with great flows of
water for the community.  So we have a primary well and a backup well
in place.  Our geography lends itself to having great underground
water sources.  Additionally, there are 3 springs on the extended
property and a stream which flows 100% of the year.  We are also
nearly adjacent to the Pedregal River which is a high flow river
running year round.

7.      River Rock.  If you like to build and landscape using natural
smooth river rock – for small fees natural river rock is collectable
in the Pedregal River basin off the Western Flank of Oceano Community.

8.      Sand – at this time it is legal and sustainably responsible to take
small loads of sand from the beach for a small fee.  While not
recommended for your dwelling (although many here use it) – it can be
used in concrete mix for landscaping and outbuildings.  You may also
choose to use it alone, in for landscaping.

9.      Wood / Hardwoods – there are sustainably harvested hardwoods
which come from nearby.  There are some local mills that can mill logs
if you are feeling adventurous and want to buy you own from local
properties.  Ocean

10.     Truck – we have an enormous 4×4 truck which can be utilized for a
small fee in order to distribute building materials to your site if
needed.  It is a GMC C5500 with 4×4 and a flatbed.