Oceano owns literally the first major tract of old growth rainforest as you travel any road south and west in the Azuero Peninsula from Panama City.  Ninety percent of our fifty or so acres of spectacular sacred habitat old growth rainforest is in permanently preserved status.  People have asked us how this is achieved and how the developers are able to guarantee this.  Easy, the land is segregated and it is simply written into the deed which runs indefinitely with the land, that the land is never to be developed or sub-divided.  In addition to the major tract in the middle of the property, there are additional old growth preserves on the eastern flank bordering the yoga eco-retreat area and the eastern residential and commercial zones which run from the clear cut pasture to the stream bottoms which are the property borders.  This is all critical habitat to animal and plant species which don’t live outside of the primary rainforest habitat.

cambutal panama real estate green eco community

Massive trees in the Oceano old growth forest preserve area.

We do have one very special two acre site for sale in the rainforest on the Quebrada (stream) Horcones route to the waterfall and it is the only rainforest site available for sale.  Otherwise, all of the available Oceano land is on previously clear cut cattle grazing land which we have already been intelligently reforesting since 2006.   Aside from private hiking trails, a yoga and educational platform space on the Quebrada Horcones, and selected spaces for quiet reflection or meditation, the Preserve areas are off limits for development and are our gift to the local animal, plant and bird life and to academics or professionals who will use the space to better life on planet earth.  We have welcomed the Azuero Earth Project and others to utilize the areas for habitat and species studies.

Pedregal Cambutal Panama Beach Real Estate

The Oceano shared beach space, pre-improvements and showing the access road to the left.  The tip of our 50 acres of Old Growth Rainforest seen flanking well into the background of this photo.  

Reforestation – At this time, Oceano is consciously reforesting an additional 6 acres of what was previously grazing land and this land is also being added to our Preserve area.

Sea Turtle assistance – We are committed to constructing a hatchery on our beach concession land in front of out titled beach property, where sea turtle eggs can be safely relocated, safe from poachers.  The contiguous Horcones and Pedregal beaches are critically sensitive nesting areas for the turtles and the area is desperately in need of more protection.  We hope to support the existing turtle conservation groups in the area by providing them with additional nesting grounds.

Our hopes are that as our community builds and more creative minds join us, we will be able to host forums on conservation on items such as permaculture gardening (aided by our community gardens), reforestation, green building and a myriad of other topics in the conservation realm.  At Oceano we believe that earth is in perfect balance in it’s natural state and to conserve the balance of nature is ultimately serving everyone on the planet and future generations.  Any community calling itself “conscious” should have a stake in conservation so we are committed to conservation leadership.