Come Be A Part Of The Oceano Family

June 9, 2013 |
Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Joining the Oceano Family means that you have both your private sanctuary and a supporting network of allies who are your neighbors.  The community is designed so that you have your privacy and solitude on your private property or around the grounds, or you have many opportunities for participation.  With a upwards of 80 acres of shared grounds, there are vast options for playing and creating.  We expect some full time, mostly part time and even some investor short term vacationing style property owners who believe in our vision all to be part of our collective.  Additionally, because homeowners are all invited to partake in our property management program, we’ll be sharing our experience with vacationers and other friends, who are visiting the area as well.

As a member of the Oceano Family, you will become a voting and participating member in our Community Review Board once we achieve a minimum density.  Our “Guidelines” are what many developments or communities call By Laws or CC & R’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) and our Community Review Board is the Governing Body of our Home Owners Association which in that document is simply referred to as Property Owners.  As the community grows, so does responsible management but participating is a choice, and being part of a planned community in Latin America is going to eliminate and mitigate a myriad of challenges which you would normally be facing on your own.

When your neighbors and community structure are watching your back, and providing safety and convenience to your investment and lifestyle, you will know you have another family here in Panama.