gallery-outside-2-300x253Yoga, surfing, hiking, snorkeling, lounging, horseback riding, bird and wildlife watching, swimming, 4 wheel driving, exploring, mountain biking, fishing, and stand up paddling boarding are all part of the myriad of activities you can pursue at the beach, in the rain forest, or along the extensive Azuero outback which is just out the backdoor of Oceano.

Several Yoga teachers live in our area already and regular classes come and go. A couple from Canada are building Cambutal Beach’s first Yoga/Surf retreat center as this is written, due to be open in 2014.  We are expecting to see more and more yoga venues and several of Oceano’s own as the future unfolds and our community participates.

This area has some of the best surf breaks in Panama. Directly in front of Oceano is a terrific beginner area at low tide where you can confidently teach your seven year old or even teach yourself if you are starting to learn. Three hundred yards from there is the Corto Circuito point break for some advanced open ocean and often radical big surf. There are many other breaks within the area. From the Hotel Playa Cambutal website, a short description of the breaks:

Cambutal Beach

Cambutal Beach Break is located directly in front of the Hotel Playa Cambutal. It is a fun break with sand bottom. Considered best at medium to high tides with rights and lefts. Nonetheless, also fun at low tide.

411 (Cuatro Once)

Considered one of the most popular breaks in Cambutal and located approximately 10 minutes away from the hotel. Certainly a favorite point breakchicasextremas 5.JPG during medium to high tide consisting of a long right hander over rock ledge bottom.


Located adjacent to 411. Quite powerful break with rock bottom break with rights and lefts at medium to high tide.


Horcones Beach Break is located down the beach from Dinosaurios. It is a sand bottom beach break with, both, rights and lefts. Between medium to low tide, look for a favorite spot right across from a small river mouth. Excellent break at high tide also.

Corto Circuito (Pedregal)

Located at the end of the dirt road from the hotel. It is a rock bottom point break with a very powerful peak that breaks over a rock ledge and throws a nice tube after peeling the point approximately 80 yards.

The waters surrounding the Peninsula of Azuero have been baptized “The Tuna Coast”, and full day or half day fishing trips are easily arranged with various nearby establishments including Hotel Playa Cambutal and Kevin Lucas. Los Buzos also has water related activities for guests and day pass holders, which include deep sea fishing. Or rent kayaks and snorkeling equipment easily from many locations and go on your own adventure! At almost any beach you venture out to you are sure to find a beautiful underwater panorama.

There are no shortage of activities in this neighborhood.